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Greetings and thank you for visiting Laura Marie Studios!

Laura Rodriguez is a Mexican-American artist who works toward developing a visual story that informs and enriches the global and cultural conversations in which we actively participate each day. Her graduate degree in Global Technology and Development has greatly impacted her world view and ultimately her artwork. Having the privilege of traveling to places such as Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Spain, and China serve as inspiration to visually express and celebrate our differences, and more importantly, our unity as a collective body of global citizens. 


Laura received art training from mentors at Arizona State University, the Art Students League of New York, and the constant legacies that inhabit the walls of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Laura currently resides in Phoenix, AZ.


Art Seen, 2021
CandyFloss, 2020


Quieted, group show; Eye Lounge, Phoenix, AZ; May12-14 2023

Faces and Identities, group show; 9 the Gallery, Phoenix, AZ; October 2021

Capsule Collection: Photography & Collage; group show; 9 the Gallery, Phoenix, AZ; February 2021

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